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At Verdant, we provide Sustainable IT support and application hosting services. We are a triple bottom line company that measures success by our financial performance, our individual and collective contributions to society, and our ecological responsibility. We believe that our success is inextricably bound to the success of our customers, and the best way to achieve our goals is to assist our customers to meet theirs. Efficiency In order to compete and ultimately thrive in a increasingly competitive global marketplace, it is critical that businesses learn how to do more with less. Efficiency was good common sense long before it became a hot topic in sustainability circles. Verdant is dedicated to providing highly efficient services and solutions that leverage expertise, innovation and best practices to deliver the greatest possible value from your resources. Quality We are dedicated to delivering World Class Service. Our corporate culture is one of continuous observation, adaptation and improvement. Sustainability We believe that the time has come to consider sustainability as a major driving factor in all business decisions. We are experiencing a sea change in global attitudes, and we believe companies that step up to the plate and address these issues today will survive and thrive in the new world economy. We believe that the best sustainability options for business are those that not only reduce impact on the planet, but also help create new opportunities, lower operating costs and introduce your products and services to new audiences.

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